1. Tap on the Account button at the bottom of the app.
  2. Enter your responder email address in the login box
  3. Tap “Reset Password”
    A message box will let you know that a password reset email has been sent.
    Go to your email and follow the instructions.

Turn on “Persistent Notifications”

This will keep the notification on the screen so you can continue to see it while in other apps

  1.  Go to Settings

  1. Tap on “Notifications”

  1. Scroll to find “Naxos”

  1. Change “Banner Style” to “Persistent”
To receive requests for help, you’ll need to complete these tasks:
  • Take and pass the Responder Training Post Test
  • Take and pass the Narcan Quiz
  • Accept our terms and conditions within the app.

If you have not completed these tasks, the account screen will indicate this.
  Tap “Complete Tasks” and follow the prompts.