Piloting in St Joseph County, Indiana

What Is Drug Checking?

Drug checking is a form of harm reduction that involves chemically analyzing unregulated drugs or drug residue to understand what contaminants are in local drugs.

Why is There a Need for Drug Checking?

Like most communities across the U.S., St. Joseph County has seen the entrance of contaminants in the unregulated supply of heroin, cocaine, methamphetamines, Adderall, Xanax and many other drugs. Street drugs are no longer what they appear to be. Those selling and using drugs are often unaware of what they are selling or using.

How Does the Project Work?

How Does Drug Checking Help Our Community?

If we rely on the work of coroners, law enforcement, or medical professionals to check for new contaminants, we may never find them because the lab doesn’t test for them, or it may take many weeks or months to get the information. Research shows that people who use drugs are more likely to throw away drugs or choose safer behaviors when they learn what is in them and what it means for their health .

We can use drug checking information to:

How Can I Participate?

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