American Medical Association

What every U.S. employer can do to help end the overdose epidemic

  1. Promote harm reduction at work. This may include installing a naloxone rescue station and posting signs telling employees where they can obtain information about naloxone and learn to recognize signs of overdose and be trained to administer naloxone.
  2. Reduce stigma associated with pain, drug use, harm reduction and treatment. Treat all employees with compassion and dignity. Dispel myths about substance-use disorders, opioid therapy, naloxone and promote fact and evidence-based harm-reduction information.

StJoCty Deaths

Opioid Overdose Awareness Training

  • National & local opioid epidemic trends
  • Overview of opioids 
  • Substance use stigma
  • Aaron’s Law – Indiana’s Good Samaritan Law
  • Opioid overdose recognition 
  • How to administer Narcan and other harm reduction
  • What we can all do now to reduce overdose deaths
(Opioid Overdose Responder Training for the app, Naxos OD is available at no cost)