Newsletter: October 2022

Our Impact is Growing!

We are proud to announce our partnership

We have developed an outreach plan to share Naxos OD with those most likely to witness an opioid overdose. We have identified 15 locations across our target area where we will collaborate to demonstrate Naxos OD, encourage downloads, and collect feedback. Our implementation will start in November.

Our Trained Responders Continue to Grow

We have trained 82 responders and are still growing.

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Trainings are Available at Your Location!

Make sure your employees, clients, or congregants know what to do if an overdose occurs

We have delivered opioid overdose education to 600 people and distributed 684 doses of Narcan in the South Bend community since April.

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Did You Know Fentanyl Isn’t the only problem with unregulated drugs?

Drug checking, according to the Drug Policy Alliance, “… allows people who use drugs to help identify the substance they intend on taking and therefore prevent harms associated with consuming an unknown substance.” Most areas of the US are not checking unregulated drugs. The sample below is from Rhode Island. The person providing the sample thought they were using meth.

We don’t know what is in the drug supply if we don’t look. We are partnering with Dr. Marya Lieberman, University of Notre Dame, Department of Analytical Chemistry to explore drug checking possibilities in St. Joe County. Naxos OD can be an important tool to get drug checking results to the community. Stay tuned!