Newsletter: June 2022

We’ve Launched!
On June 14, 2022. Naxos OD was launched in a pilot area of South Bend, IN thanks to 36 responders, brave enough to be the light that can stop overdose deaths. Trainings will continue and we expect great growth in our numbers in the coming months. 
Today I looked at our data dashboard and saw 7 responders active and ready to save lives at any moment. This may seem like a small number to some, but for us it is a milestone. It is the first time that any lay person in our community was trained and willing to to be on call to save a life from opioid overdose.

Trailblazer Responder
Darlene Nivens One week after receiving responder training and before Naxos OD launched, Darlene reversed an overdose at a gas station on her way to work. If you haven’t seen her story, you can watch it here.
Data Support
We are grateful to enFocus for the support of three interns this summer who will help us with collecting internal and external data to measure the app’s impact on overdose rates in our pilot area as well as the impact of our responder training in increasing knowledge and decreasing stigma. 

Community Education
To date we have educated 406 community members about opioid overdose and have distributed 353 doses of Narcan. Next week we will begin our download campaign, working with our partners and other organizations to reach those most likely to witness an opioid overdose. Please join us! If you live, work, or travel in the South Bend area, download the app and be prepared when an overdose occurs.