Newsletter: March 2022

“Compassion is the radicalism of our time.” – Dalai Lama

I heard a story this week of someone going to the ER to visit a friend when a man on a gurney in the hallway grabbed her as she was walking by and said, “Please, can you help me. I just overdosed and if I don’t get help, I know I am going to leave here and use again.”  She felt helpless and wondered how she could help if all the nurses and doctors in the emergency department couldn’t. Hopefully this doesn’t happen anymore in our area as we are fortunate enough to have amazing recovery coaches in our emergency department. However, when someone overdoses and 911 is not called or the person leaves the scene before connecting with emergency personnel, the same situation exists. A potential opportunity to get help has come and gone. 
Naxos OD responders are trained to help overdose survivors connect with a recovery coach 24/7 if help getting into treatment is desired.  No one who wants help should ever have to navigate this connection alone.  Join us in creating compassionate connections for those in crisis.

Naxos Neighbors is proud to announce we are launching our pilot of Naxos OD!
With the tremendous support of the South Bend community, we will be piloting Naxos OD in a 1.5 mile radius of downtown South Bend.

Launch Phases:
Phase I: Train 40 responders who live, work, or travel within the target area (Now)
Phase II: Launch the app and collect data to document reversals and referrals to treatment (June 2022)
Phase III: Complete data collection, analysis, and reporting (November 2022)

Phase I: Help us reach our goal of
40 trained responders 

1. If you live, work, or travel in our target area, Sign up today!
2. Encourage others you know in our target area to sign up for training
    Naxos OD Training Registration Eventbrite
3. Host a responder training or information session at your site
4. Connect us to funding or partner with us for funding to continue
     this important work. mailto:
5. Help us spread the word by sharing on your public and private social media.
     If you need printed materials, please let us know
  Naxos OD Social Media
Opioid Crisis Library Series– Learn, Get your questions answered, Get Narcan training
Naxos OD Training Registration Eventbrite – Get trained as a Naxos OD responder
Naxos Neighbors Website– Learn more about Naxos Neighbors and Naxos OD
How to Support Your Community in the Opioid Crisis – Learn about the opioid crisis

Thank you for joining the fight to end this epidemic