Responder Registration

3 Easy Steps to Become a Neighbor Responder

  • Tell Us What You Need
  • Complete Training
  • Get Naloxone
Step #1
Thinking about being a responder? Tell us what support you need as a Neighbor Responder by filling out our survey.
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Step #2
Complete Naloxone Training

  • Watch the training video OR sign up for in-person training at Oaklawn.
  • Complete our quiz to certify your naloxone training with Naxos Neighbors and be notified of Naxos OD trainings.
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Step #3
Request naloxone to be sent to your house here after completing the training.

Find your community on this map and pick up more Narcan at any time.

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You could be the closest responder when a life is at risk. Sign up today and we will provide you with the knowledge, tools, and support you need to join our community of neighbor responders. Together we can reverse the rise of opioid overdose deaths in our community right now.